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Passo Duran

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Forno di Zoldo - Agordo


N 46°19´42”    E 012°05´56”



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Panorama View Passo Duran

The above shown panorama picture can be loaded as a self rotating picture file by clicking on it.

The better and nicer alternative route between Cortina d’Ampezzo in the North and Agordo in the South is beside the classical tour across the well known Passo di Falzarego and Alleghe the tour across the passes Passo Giau, Forcella Staulanza and Passo Duran. To enter the Duran pass in the North, you need to ride through the village Zoldo Alto. In Zoldo Alto the pass road leaves the village on the right.

After the village the pass road passes several very small villages und runs all the time smoothly uphill until the road disappears after approx 4mls in a forest. From here on you need to take care since the road is very narrow, the forest dark and you may not oversee the road and its curves. The summit of the Duran pass is located on a small plateau between the Monte Moiazza mountain (2.868m) and the Cime di San Sebastiano (2.488m) and does have a small hotel and a parking lot.

On the far side of the passo Duran down to Agordo the road runs nearby the west flange of the Monte Tamer (2.547m) down to Agordo. Starting at the summit, the road here is in a very bad condition, lots of bandaid repairs, chuckholes and lausy shoulders. When you have reached Agordo after that ride down that nasty road you may head towards North back to the Central Dolomite Alps or continue your trip westwards across the Passo Cereda.  

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