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Passo di Cereda




March 3rd 2013




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Picture Collection Passo di Cereda

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above the village Agordo

If you approach the Cereada pass road coming from Passo Duran, which you can see in the left side of that picture in the valley in the back, you will find this place here a little bit above the village of Agordo where we view back down into the valley of Canale di Agordo. We always choose this most southern entry point to the Cereda pass road through Rivamonte Agordino where we hit the broader pass road up to the Cereda summit in a village named Gosaldo.

N 46°15´18”  E 012°01´33”




near Gosaldo

On that picture we reach the broader pass road in Gosaldo that leads uphill from Agordo to the Cereda pass summit. The main road uphill shows for sure a higher traffic rate than the one we have chosen. If you follow that road straight uphill, you will reach the summit with 2mls, whereby the summit is just a little crest.

N 46°13´17”  E 011°57´17”




view over to the village Gosaldo

This picture was taken just one mile after the picture taken before. On the left hand side you see the village Gosaldo and we look back to the other side of the valley where you can see the “hidden road” we always use. The summit is on the right hand side outside the view of the photographer.

N 46°12´41”  E 011°57´16”




summit Passo Cereda

Summit of Passo Cereda with view towards Northeast, back where we came from - to Agordo.

N 46°11´34”  E 011°54´13”




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