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Passo di Cereda

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Fiera di Primiero - Agordo


N 46°11´36”    E 011°54´20”



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Panorama View Passo di Cereda

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This little pass road with its moderate altitude connects from Northeast to Southwest the valley of Alleghe with the pass road coming down from Passo Rolle via San Martino southwards. You usually build this pass into your tour program as a connection between Passo Rolle and Passo Duran while riding a Southern Dolomite Alps tour. The entry to that pass road from the East creates sometimes confusion since there are so many small access roads to that Cereda pass road. We always recommend to choose the most southern one near the village Ponte Alto, since this road gives you the best view to the Canal di Agordo while riding uphill.

Riding through lots of small Italian villages and green forests with less traffic uphill through a great nature, you will not find any spectacular mountain profiles, but lots of green valleys and the typical Italian taste of that region. The pass road itself begins officially in a small village named Gosaldo. The summit itself is not very intersting. A view hotels, hostels that are mostly crowded by pupils and school classes during summer time - and that’s it. Sometimes you meet some Italians with their family barbecueing - everything very quiet.

The way down is as unspectacular as the summit. A smooth wide road leading through meadows and little woods until you reach Fiera. Here you can take a right and continue your tour uphill to the famous Passo Rolle or you take a left downhill to the Passo Brocon.

The Cereda pass road has usually a normal surface, sometimes dangerous narrow curves and especially in the villages you need to take care since the very narrow village roads don’t allow the view around some corners.

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