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Passo Campolongo




March 3rd 2013




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Picture Collection Passo di Campolongo

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Corvara in Badia

This picture was taken just in the center of the village Corvara in Val Badia valley. To the left diverts the pass road uphill to the Passo dir Gardena. If you go straight on that road you will reach the Passo di Valparola and the Wurzjoch pass. In the rear of the photographer the pass road of the Campolongo pass is leaving Corvara. On the right hand side of that picture, just behind that hotel you will find a AGIP gas station.

N 46°33´05”  E 011°52´26”




above Corvara in Badia

We have left the village and have stopped just five serpentines uphill of Corvara in Badia. We are standing on a little parking lot and look down to the village Corvara. In the rear of the phographer the pass road runs uphill.

N 46°32´34”  E 011°52´46”




Passo Campolongo summit

Summit of the Passo di Campolongo. View westward to the Piz Boé mountain. Behind us you will find a parking lot and a hotel.

N 46°31´09”  E 012°00´28”




view down to the village Arabba

Just a view yards behind the summit, the view opens into the valley and down to the village Arabba. If you follow the valley to your right, you will reach the Pordoijoch. If you take a left down in the valley, you will reach the Passo di Falzarego.

N 46°31´17”  E 012°02´30”




view over to Pordoijoch

A view curves above the village Arabba, view westwards to the summit of the Passo di Pordoi.

N 46°31´17”  E 012°02´30”




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