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Passo di Campolongo

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Corvara in Badia - Arabba


N 46°31´13”    E 011°52´25”



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Panorama View Passo di Campolonga

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The Passo di Campolongo runs straight and exactly from North to South leaving the village Corvara located in Val Badia valley (Val = valley ital.) southwards, climbing up a green hill with several nice curves and some serpentines and hits on its southern end the Dolomite Alps Panorama Road. The pass road ends here in the village Arabba, which is located between the Passo Pordoi in the North and Passo di Falzarego in the East. If you have decided to ride the classical Dolomite Alps EIGHT, which is a tour with two circles forming an eight, then you will ride across the Campolongo twice.

Start and end of that famous Dolomite Alps Eight Tour in the Central Dolomite Alps is Canazei in Fassa valley. You ride uphill crossing the Passo di Sella, take a right after approx. 4 miles behind the Sella summit over the Passo di Gardena, then down to Corvara. In the village Corvara you take a right uphill across the Campolongo over to Arabba. In Arabba you need now to make a left and ride up the Passo di Falzarego. On top of the Falzarego take a breath and a short break, visit the little chapel and then cruise across the Passo di Valparola down into the Val Badia. In Val Badia you take a left towards Corvara again. You pass Corvara and ride again across the Campolongo, but this time you take a right in Arabba and reach back to Canazei by crossing the Passo di Pordoi. Enjoy that tour and never ever use it as a racing course. Local police is always on its way and the fine will hit a big hole in your travel budget.

The Campolongo pass road leaves Corvara towards south and climbs uphill through meadows in several serpentines to a little plateau. Watch out, since the surface of that road is most of the time very slick based on the many cars going through that curves and sometimes the Italian road workers just mill the surface to increase grip for cars, but unfortunately, not for motorbikes. When you have reached the third serpentine, give yourself a small brake, plan a stop on that parking lot which is marked with several flags. From this point you gain an excellent panoramic view down into Val Badia, Corvara and over to the famous Geisler mountains with their ragged summits. If you look to your left, you will see the mighty Sella mountain rock that is crowded nearly any time by paragliders of all nations.

From this point on, the Campolongo pass road winds up uphill in many smooth curves through green meadows to the summit which you might miss if you don’t watch out. The pass summit is just a little crest with several hotels. After that point the road leads downhill again in several smooth curves and only just in front of the village Arabbe again with some serpentines. Just cruise that piece downhill smoothly, otherwise you will miss the outstanding view across the valley over to the mighty Marmolada mountain. The Marmolada glacier can be easily spotted between the summits of the Rindel mountains in front of you.

The Campolongo pass road is a main traffic route and therefore built that way. Directly in Corvara, just at the exit up to the Passo di Gardena, you will find a AGIP gas station which is usually opened during noon in vacation times.

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