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Passo di Brocon




March 3rd 2013




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Picture Collection Passo di Brocon




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Above the village Imer

Coming down from the North from direction Passo Rolle or Passo Cereda, we have climed up the western flange of the valley and are just after the fifth serpentine above the village Imčr with view back to northeast towards Passo Cereda and Fiera di Primireo.

N 48°08´53”  E 011°46´52”




view down to Canal san Bovo

From the location presented in the picture above, we have continued our tour across Passo di San Gobbero (998m) westward toward Val Cortella valley and view back to the village Canŕl san Bovo. Behind that village the pass road crosses the canyon on a huge bridge and the pass road winds up to be seen on the left side on the picture.

N 46°09´07”  E 011°44´15”




view back to Canal san Bovo

On that picture we view back to the location where we have taken the picture shown before. We are right in the middle of that mighty bridge across the river named T.Vanol. The pass road continues to the right across the bridge and then up the valley through evergreen woods.

N 46°09´45”  E 011°43´02”




Castello Tesino

Here we are already on the other side of the pass, riding down to the next viallge named Castello Tesino. We are right on the market place. If you take a right at this point, you will reach Passo Manghen. At the end of that village you will find a gas station. We tell this at this point since gas stations will become very rare on that route.

N 46°03´51”  E 011°37´58”




Castello Tesino

Same location as the location from the picture taken before, but turned 90 degrees to the left.

N 46°03´51”  E 011°37´58”


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