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March 3rd 2013





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Passo di Brocon

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Mezzano - Castello Tesino


N 48°07´08”    E 011°41´14”



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Panorama View Passo di Brocon

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The Passo di Brocon is located in the most lowest southern corner of the region 3 and is therefore not really fun when passed during summertime. Since you enter here already mediteranian climate, the temperature is most of the times up in the 90s F. Better is to take that tour in May or June timeframe since this road should not be missed in a Southern passtour, especially since this pass leads back into the center of the Dolomite Alps when riding the Passo Manghen completely to its southern end. The Val Sugana valley at the end of Passo di Manghen shows during summertime, as already described, very high temperatures and we always feel much better by rushing quickly back over the Passo di Brocon towards North.

The Brocon pass road runs after the village Strigno straight from Southwest to Northeast in very good conditions, since during winter time a ski resort at the pass summit requires good access roads. On the pass summit you will find two nice little italian restaurants, a war memorial that reminds for the Dolomite war and cosy little country road exit that allows a shortcut southward over to Fonzaso.

If you don’t choose the shortcut and take the other road downward instead, you will hit a never ending line of fantastic curves, some serpentines but all through a very cool and calm evergreen forest until you reach down in the valley the little village Canal San Bovo, where the road crosses a canyon on a huge bridge. To gain acces to the northern pass roads, you should choose the tour through Mezzano and the Passo Rolle or Passo Cereda.

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