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March 12th 2013





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Roselend pass

Cormet de Roselend

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June - October


Albertville - Seez

40 km

N 45°41´28”    E 006°41´26”



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Panorama Cormet de Roselend

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The Roseland pass is almost a horizontal, direct connection from west to east on the D217 and D925 between Albertville and Bourg Saint Maurice, whereby the Col du Pre in the region of the village Beaufort, hangs like a small loop south on that road and rejoins at the Col de Meraillet at the reservoir Roselend lake again the Roselend pass. That sounds quite wild, but it’s not. The Col de Meraillet is just flat with an altitude of 1,605m and consists of a junction with many signs on the right bank of the dam and that's it.

But we'll travel first the Roselend pass from east to west and start in Bourg Saint Maurice at the roundabout downtown, right behind the McDonalds restaurant. From our base in Bourg Saint Maurice, the Alpine passes Petit Saint Bernard can be reached in the east and Col d' Iseran in the south, where we had added the Roselend pass at these days into our Montblanc round trip (story to be found in our section travelogues).

Through forests and past meadows, the pass road Bour St Maurice leaves on the northern slope of the valley and leads us relatively straight with a slight rise to the north in a plateau valley. The road is narrow, but of good surface and continues through dense hardwood forests. We pass the old small fort Bonneval 2mls later and reach a huge number of serpentines, which drills us up into denser deciduous forest to a still narrower road up to 1,472m to the Alpe Cret Bettex. Here we reach the tree line and we enter the valley of the Vallee Chapleux

From Alpe Cret Bettex the image of nature transforms completely. Mighty mountains with many glaciers surround us and a couple of miles further on you can take a right to the Ville des glaciers, the location of the glacier which runs down from the rear on the Mont Blanc. The road winds now up from the upper valley on the western slope over Alpine meadows and continues upward and reaches the pass summit on a plateau after a further 5mls, surrounded by several peaks ranging close to the 3,000m.

We leave the pass to the west. The road still leads through alpine pastures in curves following the plateau, whereby we have to ride after about 2mls and at 1,800m altitude around a massive black rock in order to have a view to the mighty Lake Roselend which is just more than thrilling. The sun was on this Pentecost Sunday in the late afternoon a bit deeper and gave us a wonderful picture of the powerful wide Roselend lake.

We ride around the lake anti-clockwise, passing a few small houses with Inns and reach the junction at Col de Meraillet at the D217, which we had described above. If you take a right here, you can ride down to Beaufort on a relatively good built, wide road. If you choose the road across the dam, you will end up on a very narrow road to the Col du Pre and then down to Beaufort. In Beaufort, a small Alpine village, you have the choice to continue to the right to the North across the Col de Saisier, or straight through Albertville.

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