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Col Iseran




March 12th 2013





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Picture collection of Col d’Iseran

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Lac du Chevril

Up to the ski resort Val d'Isere the pass road of the Col d' Iseran is very well developed and broad. Here we are up just behind the dam of  Lac du Chevril overlooking the pass.


Lac du Chevril view to the dam

At the end of the reservoir Lac du Chevril with view back to the dam and down to Bourg Saint Maurice.

N 45°29´40”  E 006°56´10”



N 45°28´28”  E 006°56´55”







Val d'Isere

At the end of the storage lake Lac du Chevril with view towards the pass, just before the tunnel at the end of the town Val d'Isere.


behind Val d'isere

We have left the village of Val d' Isere behind us and have driven around 300m on the actual pass road. At the end of this valley the pass road winds up right next to the side of the Valley.

N 45°28´28”  E 006°56´55”



N 45°27´02”  E 007°00´43”







view down to Val d'Isere

Here we are at 2,200m and look down to the Val d' Isere. The large hotel complexes are clearly visible and in the background, the reservoir Lac is du Chevril.


Pass summit of Col d'Iseran

The pass summit with sign, photographed at least million times and again masses of cyclists in front of it for photo sessions.

N 45°26´10”  E 007°00´09”



N 45°25´02”  E 007°01´51”







Just click on the photo to view in enlarged mode!