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March 7th 2013





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Col des Montets

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Argentiere - Chamonix Mont Blanc


N 45°59´41”    E 006°55´36”



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Col des Montets pass summit

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The Col des Montets is in a row, just a view miles behind the Col de la Forclaz, if you ride this section from Martigny. The pass summit at an altitude 1.461m / 4,739ft is located in the middle of a magnificent natural park resort. If you ride up from the Swiss side, the road winds on narrow curves and in poor condition up to the pass summit, which is not recognizable as such. You can easily just pass it.

Easily you pass the pass summit sign. At the summit, however, opens a fantastic view over to the Massif du Mont Blanc, with its glacier d'Argentière. From here the road winds then in narrow curves down to end in the traffic flow of Chamonix. Since the road always follows the natural resort, it is from a landscape point of view great. You are in the middle of the tallest mountain chain of Europe and the perspective in looking up becomes different all the time. The road itself, as described, is typical French - not so good for motorbikes, in many sections based on the salt and the low winter temperatures, in bad conditions.

Heavy traffic in both directions testifies that this pass road is one of the main connection roads between Switzerland (Martigny) and France (Chamonix). So be careful since the local drivers drive the French way on this narrow road.

Nevertheless, it 's worth stopping at the summit to sit down at the beach of the little lake and absorbe the mountain view of the Mont Blanc region. This we recommend before you put yourself in the hustle and bustle of the Chamonix traffic.

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