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March 3rd 2013





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Picture Collection Penser Joch

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In Sarn valley

This picture was taken in the Sarn valley (Sarntal) just a view miles behind the village Sarnthein (ital. Sarentino) and behind the junction where the road down from the Ritten mountain hits that valley road. We ride towards North up the Penser valley (Pensertal) up to Penser Joch pass summit.

N 46°36΄1”  E 011°22΄54”




view to Penser valley

This picture was taken just 2mls before you reach the pass summit. We look exactly towards North down into the Penser valley (Pensertal). The pass roads enters this picture from the right and leads down in a left turn towards Sarnthein and Bolzano.

N 46°48΄42”  E 011°26΄21”




near the pass summit

This is the same location as with the picture before, but turned the viewing angle approximately by 90° to the left and direction West. We see the pass road that leads up to Penser Joch, about one serpentine and 4 “standard” curves before you reach the pass summit.

N 46°48΄42”  E 011°26΄21”




Penser Joch summit

Penser Joch pass summit. In our back is the Penser valley (Pensertal) and Bolzano, we look towards North. On the right hand side, not seen in the picture due to the fog, you will find the summit guesthouse. The road continues in a slight right curve towards the village Sterzing down in Eisack valley (Eisacktal).

N 46°49΄8”  E 011°26΄25”




view to Eisack valley

Same location as the picture taken before, but from the other side of the road and this time with view down to Sterzing and the Eisack valley (Eisacktal). You may spot the passroad in the background, running along the mountain side from left down to the right of the picture.

N 46°49΄8”  E 011°26΄25”


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