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March 3rd 2013





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Picture Collection Jaufenpass

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Jaufenpass summit

Jaufenpass summit. The pass ramp coming up from the village Sterzing (ital. Vipiteno) is in our back. On the geographical summit you will find only this lumber fast foot snack bar you see here. The original summit guesthouse is located a bit behind the summit on the road towards Sankt Leonhard.

N 46°50΄24”  E 011°19΄24”




between summit and Sankt Leonhard

This picture was taken with a focal lenght of 200, while standing at the parking lot of the Jaufenpass guesthouse, just approximately 1/4mile behind the summit. We look down the North ramp onto the pass road towards Sankt Leonhard. Based on the climate, the timber line is very high and therefore the whole pass road leads through woods with endless sharp curves nearly all the time.

N 46°50΄24”  E 011°18΄42”




view back to the summit

We are standing here on the parking lot of the summit guesthouse, just short behind the pass summit with view back to the summit. The road leads towards Sterzing down to the Eisack valley.

N 46°50΄24”  E 011°18΄42”




Northern view from the summit

A bit down the pass road towards Sankt Leonhard. This picture shows the typical pass road you will find here. It won’t change until you reach the village Sankt Leonhard. Endless small curves and narrow roads, always through woods. You have to ride carefully.

N 46°50΄5”  E 011°18΄49”


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