Passo di Mt. Giovo




March 3rd 2013





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Jaufenpass Passo di Monte Giovo

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May - November


Sterzing - Sankt Leonhard

38 km

N 46°50´24”    E 011°19´25”



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Jaufenpass Pass summit

The above shown panorama picture can be loaded as a self rotating picture file by clicking on it

The Jaufenpass (ital. Passo di Monte Giovo) connects the Eisacktal valley in the east with the Passeiertal valley in the west. Starting point in the east is the village Sterzing (ital. Vipiteno), end point of that pass road is Saint Leonhard (ital. San Leonardo). Starting that tour in Sterzing the pass road winds itself through green meadows and some smaller forests up. The road itself is very narrow with lots of curves. After you have reached the timber line, the view opens up and you have a beautiful picture down into the Eisacktal valley

On the pass summit, you will find some kind of log cabin with small food service and souvenir sale. If you continue a bit on that road, you will find behind the pass summit a guesthouse with a big parking lot. On this side of the mountain, the pass roads swings down in wide curves and serpentines down to Saint Leonhard. The road surface is moderate, the mountain view however magnificent.

In Saint Leonhard you have the possibility to take a right up to the Timmelsjoch pass, whereby the Italian side is still toll free (conditions 2009). The discussion in South Tyrol however already points into the direction for many months to make the classical tourist passes also toll roads.

When you leave Saint Leonhard towards Merano, the road becomes boring and lots of traffic will take you some time until you reach Merano. Also besides the main season, there is significant traffic from the side valleys that use that main road, so caution when driving down there to Merano.

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