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March 3rd 2013





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Picture Collection Eisacktal

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view towards Steinegg

Approximately 3mls up the road from Bolzano towards the Ritten mountain, you will have this view across the Eisack valley. It’s just behind the first 3 serpentines. In the center of the picture that’s Steinegg (ital. Collepietra). Left hand side in the background, Schlern mountain, right hand side in the background, Rosengarten (rose garden) mountain chain.

N 46°29΄54”  E 011°23΄29”




western view towards Ortler mountain

This picture was taken on the road towards Seiseralm (Seiser alp), with view down into Eisack valley and towards North. All the way in the background you can spot the Ortler mountain chain. A picture like that is only possible during October time frame. Then the road to Seiseralm is open and the air is brilliant clear with nearly no humidity as you can see on that picture.

N 46°32’18”  E 011°36΄15”




view towards Schlern mountain

This picture was taken when riding up the Ritten mountain road, with view towards West across the Eisack valley over to Schlern mountain.

N 46°31΄1”  E 011°26΄54”




view towards Ortler mountain

Another picture taken on the Seiseralm mountain road, this time with a lense with a focal lenght of 250 across the Eisack valley towards the Ortler mountain.

N 46°32’18”  E 011°36΄15”




view down to Bolzano

Ok, this picture you can only make when hiking a little bit. You ride with your bike from Steinegg across the hill towards Karneid. Half way to Karneid, you have to exit right and will find after a view miles an excellent old rustic Alp tavern with outstanding italian pasta and cheese. You take lunch and then walk approximately half a mile. Then this panorama will open with view down to Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol.

N 46°28΄27”  E 011°27΄16”




view down to Blumau

This picture was taken on the same location as the picture above, but with view towards North down to Eisack valley. Deep down in the valley you see Blumau and you may spot the Brennerpass highway, the railway and the old Brennerpass road.

N 46°28΄27”  E 011°27΄16”


Just click on the photo to view in enlarged mode!