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March 3rd 2013





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Picture Collection Brennerpass

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Brennerpass summit

This picture was taken, when standing exactly on the border line between Austria and Italy, left foot in Austria and right foot in Italy, at the summit of the Brennerpass. It was taken while standing on the southwest mountain side, looking towards northeast. In the background you can spot the Brenner highway, in front of it the railway and in the foreground the old buildings of the former border control. The builing, just right in front of us, with the roof located from left to right, does host today an outlet center and some shops for outdoor clothing. You may look for bargains regarding Jack Wulfskin, The North Face and Fj鋖lr鋠en stuff. The only prerequisite is, that you bring enough time for shopping.

N 47񲤀4  E 0113019




near Fortezza

This picture was taken on the old former Brenner passroad near Fortezza. We look towards North, to the village of Fortezza. The huge fortress, named Franzenfeste is located just behind us. An old bulwark from the middleage. Left from us, the Brennerpass highway that does cross the little lake in the background from left to right. In front of that, the Brenner railway.

N 464641  E 0113735




near Sterzing

We are hear near the town Sterzing (ital. Vipiteno) at the junction to Niederflans. We look towards North, to Brennerpass. In Sterzing you have the choice to turn left towards the Jaufenpass and Penser Joch pass.

N 465159  E 0112955




between Sterzing and Brennerpass

We have already left the town Sterzing and are located approximately 3mls behind the village end, direction up to the Brennerpass. In that upper section of the valley, the river Eisack is still very small and calm. In the left background you see the bridge constructions of the Brennerpass highway.

N 465545  E 0112656




toll station Innsbruck at Brennerpass

This picture was taken when riding on the Brennerpass highway at the Innsbruck toll station, just behind Innsbruck in Austria while riding up to Brennerpass. They ask 8,- Euro toll for a motorbike including rider and passenger as you can see on the blue price tag. But this is good invested money if you want to ride fast from North to South, where the sun is waiting for you. An option is then, leaving the highway at the summit and following the old pass road down to Bolzano. That抯 the choice we always would recommend.

N 47112  E 0112422





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