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March 3rd 2013





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Austria - Italy

Brennerpass Passo del Br閚nero

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Insbruck (A) - Sterzing/Vipiteno (I)

55 km

N 47񲤀0    E 0113020



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Brennerpass, Pass summit

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Already in prehistoric times a mule track led across the Brennero pass (1.374m/4,506ft.), which the Romans had built 48aft.Chr and extended 150 years later on to a highly used alpine pass. The Brennero pass can be travelled by the globetrotter on three different ways. By train, on the normal toll free mountain road, or by use of the toll motorway. Since the Brennero pass  with its 1.374m belongs to the lowest passes in the Alps, it is kept clear for driving over the whole year.

The Brennero pass connects north and South Tyrol, from Innsbruck in the Inn river valley across to Italy to a village named Sterzing (ital. Vipiteno) in the Eisacktal valley (ital. Valle Isarco). Shortly when the traveller has left Innsbruck in Austria, the Europabruecke (Europe bridge) spans the Wipptal valley in 200m elevation. If you prefer the nicer countryside you should use the old Brennero pass mountain road. But watch out. Lots of motorbike riders use that road and not all of them adhere to the speed limits. Therefore this route is heavily speed controlled by the Austrian police. Therefore ride relaxed and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

When you reach the summit of the Brennero pass you will enter the small village named Brenner. Unfortunately, this village got expanded by very ugly concrete buildings of the former customs border. After that village, the route becomes more beautiful when you follow the old Brennero road towards South, passing the villages Sterzing and Brixen where you will always follow along the Eisack river. In Sterzing you have the choice to take a right and ride westward across the Penserjoch pass or the Jaufenpass. The Jaufenpass leads over to the Passeiertal valley and towards the Timmelsjoch pass or Merano, whereby the Penserjoch pass is quite recommended to reach the Sarntal valley as alternative route down to Bolzano.

If you have decided to take the old Brennero road down towards Bolzano, then the broad valley which you ride through after leaving Sterzing will become more and more closer and ends shortly before you reach  Bolzano into a steep ravine. After the village Brixen there is the choice to turn eastward to enter the Wuerzjoch pass that enables you to cross over towards the Central Dolomiti mountains, or a bit down the Eisack valley there is Waldbruck village that gives you access over to the Sellaronda mountain roads. The road down to Bolzano is still very well and broadly built, since it had to master in the times before, the entire alpine transit traffic.

A further alternative would be to be turn in Waldbruck toward Groednertal valley and then turn south in Saint. Ulrich Ortisei village toward Seiseralm and Kastelruth village. But this alternative route is only recommended after seasons, since in the main season between July and August the Seiseralm is stuffed with tourist busses. Then this roads are packed with busses, campers and cars. Nevertheless, the road between Kastelruth and Blumau is one of the most beautiful swinging mountain roads we have ever seen, leading  directly along the rock through the dolomites.

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