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March 3rd 2013




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Passo Mendola




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Mendelpass east side near Eppan

Etsch valley coming from Bolzano and riding towards Kaltern and Mendel pass. We are just in front of the village Eppan. You can see the rock massif in the background where the Mendel pass road runs along up from the Etsch valley.

Mendel pass east side - Etsch valley

Here we have taken already a right leaving Eppan and ride through vine yards already 3mls on the Mendel pass road. You can spot the pass road in the back on the rock from right to left looking like a string.

N 46°28´01”  E 011°16´09”


N 46°25´47”  E 011°14´01”






Mendelpass east side

Just before we reach the summit still three serpentines to go. We continue through dense forest. You can see the summit with the crest cable car station in the background.

Mendel pass - Etsch valley

 N 46°25´03”  E 011°12´59”

This is the most beautiful place of the Mendel pass. Little parking bays just allow motorbikes to stop and offer an outstanding view down into the Etsch valley, Kalterer Lake and over to the Dolomite Alps.

N 46°24´58”  E 011°12´57”








Mendelpass summit

Summit of the Mendel pass. Towards left you ride down to Bolzano and Kalterer Lake. If you go straight you will reach the crest cable car station. We look towards southeast.

Mendelpass summit

Same position as the left picture but this time we look towards southwest. Following that road you will approach the Gampen pass, the Ulten valley and Tonale pass.

N 46°24´59”  E 011°12´52”


N 46°24´59”  E 011°12´52”






Mendelpass summit

Same position as the pictures before on Mendel pass summit.



N 46°24´59”  E 011°12´52”




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