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March 3rd 2013
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Gampenjoch Passo delle Palade

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N 46°32´22” E 011°06´41”



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Panorama view of Gampenjoch summit

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Located to the west, parallel to the Adige Valley, you will find the Gampen pass (ital. Passo di Pallade) that runs from the south from Fondo up to the village Lana and Merano in the north. Entering from the south you better take the route through Fondo and the Passo di Mendola.

In the first part of the road it gains only at little bit altitude and passes through light coniferous forest until you reach the small village Saint Felix. From here on it is rising slightly faster leading through meadows, through several small villages and past the shrine “Our Lady of the forest". Shortly after that you will reach the pass summit which is quite unspectacular with an inn and a small wooden souvenir shop.

The pass road on the north side leads back down up to the level of the village Gfrill through beautiful wide serpentines through dense pine forests and opens just behind Gfrill a dreamlike view down to the Adige Valley and to Merano. Here the pass road passes by the well known Leon Castle (ital. Castello Leone) down to Lana.

In the village Lana you have now two possibilities. Continue straight to Merano or take a left into the beautiful Ulten valley (ital. Val d'Ultimo). The Ulten valley itself leads steadily uphill for several miles up to an altitude of 1.800m and ends in the Stelvio National Park at Weissenbrunn lake (Italian: Lago Fontana Bianco). At this lake you will find a famous biker meeting point, a small quaint restaurant named "Knödlmoidl" (dumpling girl). Here you can eat the world’s best Tyrolean dumplings you have ever eaten and at an absolutely competitive price. Grandma, even with here nearly 80 years, still stands in the kitchen and cooks herself. That's probably the secret of the excellent taste.

Back from the "Knödlmoidl", just short after the village Saint Walburg, you should not go straight to Lana, but take a right up to Proveis (Italian Proves) and Laurein (Italian Lauregno). The road here leads through a lovely park over into the province Trentino through several tunnels and leads through a dense forest on the other side to the village of Fondo.

On this route, we usually use as a day tour, we ride from Fondo across the Passo Palade and move from the province Trentino to the province Alto Adige. The ride up the Val dUltimo and return through the mountain back into the Trentino. A very remote, scenic and culinary nice route with beautiful roads and great curves. Only on the south side between dUltimo and Fondo through the mountain you may find some bandaid road upgrades.. This proves that the province Trentino is not so much focused on the safety of motorcyclists as the province South Tyrol. In South Tyrol you hardly can find any bandaid road fixes and you will find lots of guard rails along the road. In Trentino, unfortunately, this is not the standard, so please ride carefully.

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