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March 3rd 2013
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Foppapass Passo della Foppa
Passo del Mortiolo

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May - September


Mazzo - Monno

28 km

N 46°14´53” E 010°18´1”



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A more beautiful alternative to Passo dell ' Aprica is definitely the Passo della Foppa. Whereby his official, correct name is Passo di Mortirolo. He is almost a parallel connection to the Passo dell’ Aprica between the Veltlin valley over to Valcamonica valley and actually a classic shortcut when the tour was planned coming from Bormio or Bernina Pass and continuing further on in the direction of Passo Tonale and Bolzano. In any case, it is the more beautiful and less frequented route than over Passo dell’ Aprica and therefore highly recommended.

The entry into the small mountain road from the north, the Valtellina valley from the route SS38, the connecting road between Tirano and Bormio is at the small village Mazzo di Valtellina. The route SS38 has an own exit at this point. However, there is a big chance that you miss it, so here are the GPS coordinates (N 46 ° 15'34 "E 010 ° 15'7"). Coming down that exit you drive straight into the village Mazzo di Valtellina and keep going straight out on the Via Santo Stefano road and then the Via Cadelpapa road. Then you keep left, leaving the village.

The road on the north side of Foppa / Mortirolo is very narrow, unclear and leads mostly through a wooded area, which is interrupted by some meadows and a few farms that lie along the road. Two cars have trouble to pass each other. Steadily the road leads uphill in very tight and narrow serpentines. The road surface is most cases in poor condition and in many places covered with slogans for cyclists. This pass road is often used by motorcyclists, cyclists and convertibles. With the camper, this connection is already somewhat equivocal, especially since the cyclists shoot downhill and bringing uphill driving vehicles in trouble, especially in serpentines.

After approximately 80% of the way uphill, the serpentines become less and the forest thins out to pastures, which now allow a further view back down into the Valtelina valley. The summit of the pass is unspectacular. It is a simple saddle where on the right another small road, an old military supply road, leads over the mountain crest. We stick to the left downwards to the village Monna. Up here, there are still a few buildings, and a few small settlements, where in the summertime some of the local people living here do offer small meals and beverages.

The road downhill is now much broader and relatively well built until, just before you reach the village Monno where the height is reduced again based on several serpentines. Through the small village Monno, the track runs on a narrow road with many curves between the houses until finally it reaches down in he valley the route SS39, the road connecting Edolo and the Passo di Tonale. Does the planned tour lead into the direction of Passo Tonale, there will be the option in Ponte di Legno to take a left, just before the ascent to Passo Tonale Pass and  continue the trip towards the Gaviapass.

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