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March 3rd 2013
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Apricapass Passo dell扐prica

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Villa di Tirano - Edolo

28 km

N 46񵕋2 E 010񵁣9



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Since the Middle Ages, travelers were looking for a speedy connection from the Engadine across the Bernina pass down into the Valcamonica valley and further on to across the Passo Tonale to Italy and the Trentin. Also, the motorbike tourist selects preferred this transition to quickly commute from the Grisons and Engadine, across to Bolzano or to Lake Garda.

From the east side, which is from the Valtellina valley and Grisons, the Passo dell 'Aprica can be approached from two sides. The first way, and we believe that抯 the more beautiful one of the two options, is in Villa di Tirano. Coming on the SS38 you take a left turn across the railway crossing around the village Stazzona and climb up the valley slope on a very narrow but beautiful country road. The documented entry into Passo dell Aprica is a bit further down the SS38 at Trescenda. This version is wide enough to allow big trucks to easily transfer over. We have marked the more beautiful option on our detailed pass road map as "alternative route".

The Passo dell'Aprica is a pure saddle pass and offers even today the traffic a main artery across the mountains. The road up to the ski resort Aprica is built broadly and in general , especially in the summer , heavily used by big trucks. A treat for motorbike tourists however, are two sections of the pass road. The first one is the section between the crossing in Stazzona up until you reach the main pass road and the other road section is between Aprica and Edolo.

Once turned in Villa di Tirano across the railway crossing, the road traffic stays behind and the motorbike tourist dives into the small narrow streets of Stazzona, that bring us through winding streets a bit above the valley ground up and lead at the end of the village in a narrow road that runs through a fairly dense forest that allows and only allows at several nice places a look back into the Valley.

The saddle of Passo dell Aprica is reached after the last bend of the wide built road, so you will find yourself directly in Aprica, a rather nondescript Italian ski resort, which the road passes drawn almost on the ruler to enter at the village end into many curves and narrow gorges towards Edolo giving lots of riding fun. But watch out. Based on the many curves and narrow road, the trail cannot be overlooked too good and Italian car drivers are used to cut curves.

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