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February 26th 2013






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Valle Cannobina

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Cannobio - Malesco


N 46񴚋0    E 0083142



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Valle Cannobina

There are several ways to reach the town of Santa Maria Maggiore in the Centovalli. Of course via Locarno and the Centovalli, but almost as exciting by the Valle Cannobina up from Cannobio, following always the small river Cannobino. Cannobio is the first larger village beyond the Swiss border and with the beautiful old panorama of a fishing village it invites you for a stay. It is worth to roll down to the seafront through the narrow streets, ideally at the end of the town towards the South and stop by at a Beach Cafe to enjoy a cup of Cappucino.

Coming from the north on the SS34, the road into Valle Cannobina turns at the end of the village to the right. We follow the small river through a shady valley that leads most of the time through dense hardwood forest. The road itself is in a not so good state, but the nature is rewarding with its impressions.

Several small towns are crossed where you think the time is standing still. After several miles, the narrow road then rises in a number of serpentines and the forest becomes lighter until the road leads through meadows and light mountain ranges. We reach the village Finero and shortly thereafter with almost 1,000 m the highest point of the small  pass road is reached.

Then the road runs steadily downhill into the valley of Santa Maria Maggiore. In Malesco we hit the road between Domodossola and Locarno. Straight ahead, the road leads to Domodossola and the Simplon pass, to the right, over the railway crossing we get into the Centovalli and towards Locarno, back to Lake Maggiore.

This small connection road is very secluded and petrol stations do not exist. The same in 2009 with mobile connection. Although you actually can make a mobile call in Italy in every hole, in this edge it is difficult. It is worth to stop also in the small villages to enjoy in one of the "Bars" an espresso. The Italians drink usually no cappuccino after lunch. Only bloody tourists are doing so.

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