Monte Rosa




February 22nd 2013






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Monte Rosa - Macugnaga

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Piedimelura - Macugnaga/Staffa

32 km

N 45°58´5”    E 007°58´3”



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Monte Rosa - east side



(c) Foto Giancarlo Parazzoli



Actually the Monterosa is not an Alp pass. The road ends in a dead end in the mountains. But nowhere in the Alps, you have the chance to get so close to a group of four and a half thousand meter high mountains as here. The road out of Piedimelura is not easy to find. However, when you made it und you are on it, it is also the only one way up to Macugnaga. In winter, a ski resort, in the summer you will find only hikers. At the end of the road then a the view on the picture above opens over the glacier up to Monte Rosa.

Since it is not a pass, many motorbikers shy to ride up here, without really knowing what they're missing. You park your bike in Staffa and then it goes up by a cable chairlift, in which you have to swap the lift in the middle until you reach the glacier region at 2,000m.

Up here you will find a rustic mountain lodge with excellent Italian and Valisian cuisine at absolutely reasonable prices. From the wooden terrace you can scan the four and a half thousand meter pikes. You only need to take care of the winds rushing down from the summit that are created by thermals coming up from the valley. We had it twice that our table was completetly blown empty, including our spaghettis.

From this hut you can walk in a 15-minute climb to the edge of the glacier. It’s worth the climb and easy to handle even in the leather suit. The view from here up to the summits and down into the valley is breathtaking.

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