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February 22nd 2013






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Monte Ceneri

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Cadenazzo - Rivera


N 46񵁠8    E 0084519



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View down from Monte Ceneri

The Monte Ceneri is a broadly developed pass road, in the Swiss canton of Ticino at 562masl that connects the Magadin plateau in the north with the Vedeggio valley in the south. This pass is under crossed by the A2 motorway. The Magadino plateau is the northern plain aside Lago Maggiore with the cities of Locarno and Bellinzona, whereby you pass down south through the Vedeggio valley over to Lugano and Lago di Lugano.

This is also the reason why many touring riders use this small pass, does it provide the only link between Bellinzona and Lugano besides the highway. Gladly we include this pass in our tour planning when we are coming from the North from the Mesocco county, the Lukmanier pass or the Gotthard pass riding a circular ride over to the Lago di Lugano and Lago di Como then up to the Alpine crossings such as the Maloja Pass and the Spluegen pass.

Its main significance is that it establishes the connection between the northern Swiss canton part, the Sopraceneri and the southern part of the canton, the Sottoceneri.

Coming from the north of Bellinzona on SS2, the road turns left to Monte Ceneri in the village of Cadenazzo on the Via San Gottardo. A few hundred meters uphill, past the turnoff, the road leaves the town and meets the first Serpentine. This place is one of the locations you can catch a glimpse of Lago Maggiore, as shortly afterwards the road expands to four lanes and is bounded to the right by high bushes that does not allow free view to the lake anymore.

Quickly, the pass is crossed and you reach the motorway of the A2 on the other side. Continue straight, through several small towns and countless roundabouts descending down to Lugano.

The wide road leads to a rapid driving style, especially as it runs steadily and smoothly uphill. It is however a popular radar and laser line for the Carabinieri, especially since you cannot escape that road. A solid revenue stream for the local administration..

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