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February 22nd 2013






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Lago Maggiore

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Locarno - Arona

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Lago Maggiore at Stresa






Why, you will surely ask, why is the Lago Maggiore listed here as an Alp pass? Well, back in 1996, when we started again to ride with a motorbike through the Swiss Alps, we still had to care for kids which really did make it not so easy. If you are in a similar family situation, you can either place your family on a camp ground and then go during the day on motorbike tour while the rest of the  family is on the beach, or you can rent a holiday flat in one of the many small towns - this remains up to you. We had based on the large family at that time limited resources and low budget. So our decision was based on the following considerations:

      • We needed a base camp from which all the passes were able to be reached in day or two-day tours.
      • This " base camp " should also offer the possibility of recovery and planning between the tours and
      • the family also wanted to finally have something out of it.
      • So a combination of vacation with family and of course motorbiking.
      • It should be affordable and still offer all the amenities like a beach, sun and fun.

Therefore, the decision was taken to go camping at camp ground Orchidea in a small fishermen village named Feriolo. This location is in Italy, far way down of the expensive metropole Locarno, the Stelvio pass and the Great Saint Bernard Pass can be reached in a day trip and all the attractions are close to the resort. In addition, the ferry in Verbania-Intra offers further travel options. In the meantime the camp ground does offer also campers and mobile homes for rent. This little bungalows ar cheap and are fully equipped with all the dishes you require and give sleeping space for up to six adults. If you have seen the prices called up for a hotel room, you may understand that this option is worth to think about.

Below we have written down, our based on over the years collected experiences, all you need when doing day trips to Alp passes from a camping ground. This list was created between 1996 and 2001 and has been realy boiled down to the bare necessities.

At the beginning of any trip its usually the case that you are infected by the travel fever. After that impact then usually the phase of ideas about the goal come up which end at the end in a more or less complex planning. To make you this famous planning a little easier, we have put together some information and experiences of the past tours. It is pointless to argue about why a motorbike has limited storage space, because this is simply a fact. It must be added that in addition to the congestion issue you need to face even the weight, which plays a very crucial role. You therefore should consider carefully what is required to be taken on such a journey.

The considerations that are discussed here, are based on a maximum 14-day journey in which the base is a campsite. This camp site should have the basic health and sanitation facilities such as shower, washing machine and dryer, as well as have a "mom and pop" store and a restaurant on site.

What you should take with you

The list drawn up is following the experience of six years camping with with motorbike Pass Touring. This is based on a camping holiday in mediterranean environment, in this case in Feriolo on Lago Maggiore. What? - You do not know where Feriolo is located?  That's simple. If you have found the Lago Maggiore on the southern edge of the Alps in northern Italy, you're already almost there. The nearest large city is Verbania. Verbania is located on the western side of the lake, about the lower third of the 62km long Lago Maggiore. Still not found? It's obvious, because Feriolo has only 250 inhabitants and is a real insider tip.

For a planned trip like that, the stuff listed below is the minimum you should take with you:

Tent and tent accessories

  • tent with
  • linkage
  • herring
  • cords, possibly rubber band
  • hammer to knock the tent pegs (one for all)

A tunnel tent as of Polo motorbike supply (2man) offered has been prooven as the best solution. It has more headroom in the tent and pack size still fits on the bike.

  • Clothesline, minimum 20m
  • water containers with tap (Louis offers them in plastic - foldable)
  • flashlight (preferably Maglight)
  • air mattress or thermal mat
  • sleeping bag
  • blankets for the beach and to sit in front of the tent
  • it is appropriate to bring a camping table. This can be transported by any cars that does accompany the group. Camping chairs and a table you can also get for Euro 15,- onsite and dump them when you leave.

Clothing (per person) and Personal stuff

  • 5 T-shirts
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 1 long jeans
  • 5 sets of underwear
  • 2 long sweat shirts (the evenings there will be fresh)
  • slippers are quite important for the shower and the beach
  • 1 pair of sturdy shoes (sneakers are ok, if you go up in the mountains)
  • Sunglasses Headwear (for adults in the form of a cap)
  • REI (liquid washing gel) from the tube for a quick wash in between, or a small pack of washing powder. This can be purchased on site.
  • Washing bag with several accessories
  • swimwear (Swimsuits) for changing

Miscellaneous equipment

  • small gas stove for the morning coffee
  • small set Camping coccking pots
  • sugar cubes, powder instant coffee and milk powder. (Can also be purchased on site)
  • cutlery, plastic plates and cups.
  • Utility knife  (Swiss Army knife or something similar)
  • Autan (mosquito repellent)
  • Sunscreen
  • towels in sufficient quantity
  • at least 2 bath towels per person
  • nasal ointment for sunburn and mosquito bites
  • Children ID card
  • valid Swiss motorway vignette
  • Austrian motorway vignette (no annual permit, but only for the period)
  • ADAC green card
  • photographic equipment
  • roadmaps
  • card game (skat cards)
  • air pump with
  • dish detergent
  • roll of toilet paper or tissues

The camp ground

The camp ground ORCHIDEA is adjacent to the small fishing village of Feriolo on Lago Maggiore.
Camping Orchidea Feriolo di Galli Dario

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