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February 22nd 2013






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Picture Collection of Centovalli

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junction in Valle Maggia

Ponte Brolla, just a few miles behind Locarno. Straight the road leads into the Centovalli. To the Rrght across the railroad crossing in the Valle Maggia. Behind us is the train station and the restaurant, which we can recommend.


Centovalli view

Between Ponte Brolla and Intragna with view towards Intragna to the west.

N 46°11´9”  E 008°45´12”



N 46°10´50”  E 008°42´9”



Shortly before Malesco and Santa Marria Maggiore. At this point, the narrowest points of the road were defused in the Centovalli and redirected to the other side of the valley.


church in the town of Re

Across the border on the Italian side in Re, overlooking the sanctuary in Re.

N 46°8´13”  E 008°34´5”



N 46°7´54”  E 008°23´54”







church in the town of Re

This picture was taken a little further down the road as the previous one in the direction of Santa Maria Maggiore.


a view miles before Domodossola

Shortly before we reach Domodossola. To the left the road leads to Lago Maggiore and to the Monte Rosa, to the right it leads up to the Simplon Pass and over into the canton of Valais.

N 46°7´51”  E 008°32´43”



N 46°7´59”  E 008°19´40”


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