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Innertkirchen - Wassen

46 km

N 46°43´46”    E 008°26´49”



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Sustenpass Pass summit panorama

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WassenStarting off in the small village Wassen the pass road winds up through several hairpin bends, tunnels and railway bridges, always with a direct view onto the Gotthard highway and railway track, to then gently rising at the right edge of the Meien valley. The view gets more and more terrific, the more you reach the end of the valley. Once you have reached the end of the valley, it then really starts making fun.

The road makes a turn to the left and opens the way for a massive glaciated mountain view. But wait, do not miss the short view to the small valley cut to the right, because here a glacier is directly in front of you. The road proceeds in serpentines further up and the numerous parking bays aside are inviting for a short break. Wild waterfalls roar past the road side, the wind whistles and around you will spot lots of 3,000m peaks with glaciers. That's alpine pure feeling.

Once you have reached the top of the pass road, the road will disappear in the summit tunnel to the west side of the pass. Don’t be surprised, since nearly throughout the year, snow piles up to nearly 10ft high snow walls and invite for popular photo opportunities. Nevertheless don’t spend too much time on the summit, since if you ride just two serpentines further down into the Hasli valley you have a view, which I believe is one of the most beautiful ones in the Alps. That’s right in front of the Stone Glacier.

From there on, the road leads steadily downhill. The road is good, more and more forested landscape shows up and you slowly emerge the first villages. Along the route there are several hostels, pubs and inns, where it is worth to take a break. Especially in summer, the motorbikers who ride over the  Susten pass are the main source for income of these localities. Accordingly, the service is courteous , and just between us, the food served is top.

When you have reached the bottom of the valley down in Innertkirchen, you will have the possibility of take a left up to the Grimsel pass, or to go straight on to the Aare canyon. In this way, straight on, you also can reach the well known and famous Eiger North Wall.

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