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February 20th 2013





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Picture Collection Gotthardpass


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St. Gotthardpass Pass summit

The Gotthard you should absolutely ride from Biasca and Ticino county coming up on the old pass road, the Via Tremola (street of the tremor). Far from the roaring traffic Gotthard who is tormented by the motorway. Here we are at the pass overlooking the lake and the buildings. The hospice is located to the right of us. Left the road leads down to the canton of Uri to Andermatt and the Oberalp Pass, as well as to the Furka pass. Right on it goes over the old pass road over cobbles down to  Biasca.

N46°33’19.7” E008°33’58.8”




Gotthardpass, Pass summit

Yes, and in this photo I got caught by Juergen when I was shooting the above picture and the panoramic image working on my tripod. This figure with the pack animal is a so called Saeumer (logosical transporter) located on top of the pass on a small hill and the symbol of the old transport industry. “Mule trains” carried the burden on the trade routes over the passes, as well as here across the Gotthard Pass.

N46°33’19.7” E008°33’58.8”




St. Gotthard Pass road, horse coach

Much was written and said about the Val Tremola or the valley of the tremor. We drove this route twice. Cobblestones, many tight corners and a great panorama of the Alps. Every year in summer you can still transit by stagecoach from Andermatt over the old pass road down to Airolo and if you're lucky, then you will meet one on your way. Simply pull over, take your camera and capture it as we did.

N46°33’5.4” E008°35’17.4”




St. Gotthard Hospice

At the summit you will always meet motorbike riders and this in every season. Cozy you can dine here at the lake, or eat at the hospice at some length at noon. We view towards the northeast down to the hospice. Left the road leads along the lake down to Andermatt. Behind us is the canton of Ticino (Tessin), while I am still in the canton of Uri. The cantonal boundary runs just across the pass summit.

N46°33’19.7” E008°33’58.8”




Gotthard pass devil's canyon

If you choose the old Gotthard road coming from the north through Wassen, you will reach after the avalanche gallery at the top of the Devil's Canyon the Devil's Bridge, the narrowest point on the Gotthard Pass road. Here you should just after the bridge, turn right and enjoy this panorama of that wild gorge. Road, footpath and railway have here its difficulty to cross the gorge and you can imagine how hard it must have been for the muleteers with their mules in the Middle Ages passing that place here.

N46°38’49.2” E008°35’26.2”




Gotthard pass railway climb Ticino

This point on the Gotthard Pass is unknown to many, since they continue their tour in Airolo usually over the Nufenenpass. Should you however decide to ride down to Lago Maggiore or continue your trip over the Lukmanier pass back to Grisons then you will pass by this famous location here in Ticino on the old pass road - the Gotthard ramp. Here the railroad tortures over several turns through tunnels and gains height and since this is a European railway main line there is lots of traffic up and down the mountain. A real must for train fans.

N46°29’19.0” E008°44’47.3”




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