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Andermatt - Disentis

33 km

N 46°39´33”    E 008°40´16”



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Oberalppass Pass summit

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The starting point of the Oberalp pass road is the famous and well known village Andermatt. That was the place in the James Bond movie Goldfinger, where Bond did stop at a gas station after he had killed the ladies tires on her cabrio. This gas station is still there in the same outfit. From here you can either ride towards Furka pass, the Gotthard pass uphill, or through the Devil's Canyon down the Gotthard road towards Wassen and then take a left up the Susten pass.

In the lower section the Oberalp Pass starts directly with serpentines, constantly accompanied by the Furka Oberalp railway. It is worth seeing how this track is built screwing up inch by inch. Have you made the first serpentines, the road runs more or less parallel to the railway track, with excellent pavement and endless grip until you reach the pass summit. Here the train disappears in an underground station. Riding up along the hillside is fun in two ways. First, the road really lets you go a bit at the limit, especially in the curves and second, you always have an unbelievable view down into the valley and over to the Furka pass road that’s climbing up like a worm on the western valley hillside.

Furka-Oberalp railwayThe pass summit itself invites you to spend a bit of your time. A cosy restaurant with "Beer garden" allows direct view to the pass road, which comes up from Chur. Here, there is always lots of holiday traffic consisting of motorbikes, bicycles, cabrios and of course busses. The pile of bikers are good for a chat and also bike viewing and the landscape invites just to lay down in the meadows and enjoy the life up here. We then continue after a while down the pass to the East.

In the upper part section with lots of very sharp serpentines, the road stretches out after a few miles and follows the valley down towards Chur. In Disentis you will then hit the junction to the Lukmanier pass, which will guide you back into the sunny Ticino to Biasca (GPS N46°42'21" E008°51'18"). In Biasca you then could take a right over the Gotthard Pass back to Andermatt and you would thus have a three passes tour circle in one shot which is easy to make in a day.

From Disentis on, the pass road leads relatively unspectacular east towards Chur. If you really have time and would like to see the biggest landslide in time that happened during ice age you should then take the narrowest pass road, which exits to the right in Ilanz (GPS N46°46'27" E009°12'12") in the direction of Castrisch (GPS N46°46'34" E009°13'54"). This route runs exactly opposite on the other side of the Rhine valley, and ends in Bonaduz (GPS N46°48'46" E009°24'00") back on the old San Bernardino pass road. From Bonaduz it is then only a short hop north to Chur.

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