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February 20th 2013





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Picture Collection Lukmanierpass




Disentis Panorama view

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view towards Disentis

We are here in the Upper Rhine valley riding to the west with the direction to  Disentis. In the background you can see the Oberalp Pass. Disentis is already at 1,140m/3,740ft altitude and is the entry point to the Lukmanierpass. Here the road was completely refurbished, but later on gets worse and very tight. Watch out risk for accidents.

N 46°34´28”  E 008°20´24”




village entry of Disentis

Entrance to Disentis junction to the Lukmanier pass and Oberalp Pass. Shortly after the town sign you’ll see on the right side the Benedictine abbey of Saint Martin. Be careful! Buses and many pilgrims sometimes cross the road.

N 46°34´26”  E 008°20´26”




hells canyon

We are on the Lukmanier pass road, just after the last tunnel at the end of the hells canyon, just before we reach the village Medel and look up towards the pass summit.

N 46°33´42”  E 008°20´42”




hells canyon

This picture was taken at the same position as the one above, but this time turned by 180°. We are looking back to Disentis, where we came from.

N 46°33´41”  E 008°20´17”




view down to hells canyon

Same position on the Lukmanier pass road as the two pictures above, but this time looking down from the road bridge into hells canyon.

N 46°33´04”  E 008°21´32”




view to Medel and Disentis

This position is on the Lukmanier pass road is about 3mls behind the village Medel towards the pass summit. We are looking back down to the Upper Rhine valley and to Disentis.

N 46°33´04”  E 008°21´32”




Walser houses

Halfway to the pass summit you will find lots of these typical Walser houses along the road.

N 46°33´04”  E 008°21´32”


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