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February 20th 2013





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Picture Collection Klausenpass


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Klausenpass after Linthal

Here we are in the canton of Glarus, starting off from Linthal on the northeast side of the Klausen Pass about a mile behind Linthal in the  third serpentine. Here the curves are still built with cobblestone pavement. To the left the road leads slightly higher up now through green pastures direction to Klausen Pass.

N 46°54´31”  E 008°58´55”




Urnerboden valley

At the end of the first row of serpentine, you reach the Urnerboden plateau. Here we are facing to the north the Jegerstoeck which connects the Maeren mountain (2,381m/7,812ft) and the Ortstock mountain (2,717m/8,914ft). To the right, the road leads down to Linthal and Glurns in the canton of Glarus, to the left it leads further up to the Klausen pass and the canton of Uri.

N 46°54´33”  E 008°57´53”




Urnerboden valley

Same location as the picture taken above, now view to the northwest in the direction of the pass summit of Klausenpass. On the right side in the picture, you can follow the course of the Jegerstoeck over to the Maeren mountain.

N 46°54´33”  E 008°57´53”




Klausenpass Pass summit

Pass summit of Klausenpass. If you follow the road straight on, you’ll reach a little bit downhill the inn Klausenpasshoehe the canton of Uri and the St. Gotthard Pass. Up here on the summit there is a small gift shop and a well-stocked snack bar.

N46°52’14.1” E008°50’33.9”




Gasthof Klausenpass summit

View up to the pass summit, just before the inn Klausenpasshoehe. A popular biker meeting point and stopover on the way south, from which we just come on that picture. Up to the pass, there are still a few hundred yards. On the website of the inn Klausenpasshoehe its always published when the winter closure of the Klausen Pass is canceled and a webcam shows the current status of the weather locally.

N46°52’19.6” E008°50’14.7”




Klausenpass south ramp

South side of the Klausen Pass. A very dangerous and very narrow road which leads directly aside the rock. Caution is required, since there are enough "racers" who try to cross the pass by cutting curves. The road cannot be overlooked to good, so please ride with caution. On this picture we look towards the Klausen Pass summit.

N46°52’15.9” E008°48’41.6”


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