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Altdorf - Linthal

47 km

N 46°52´06”    E 008°51´18”



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Klausenpass Panorama view

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Klausenpass north side view towards the pass summitThe Klausen Pass, a little bit of track to the standard north-south connections, connects the canton Glarus with the canton Uri or better said, the area around the Walen lake and Zurich with one of the most important Alpine transit routes, the Gotthard. The connection from northeast to southwest in the middle of Switzerland offers an ideal entry point to the Alp passes around Furka, Susten, Grimsel and Oberalp as well.

If you have planned a non highway travel to reach the center of the Alps from the north, you should take the ferry connection on Lake Constance from Meersburg to Konstanz and then follow the main canton road 16 through Wil and Wattwil. From there you get on good secondary roads across the Ricken Pass, the villages Ziegelbruecke and Glarus to the northern entry point of the Klausen Pass.

The Klausenpass pass road starts at the outskirts of Linthal village and makes immediately the quality of this road visible. The road is not very wide and the first section of the pass road is layed out in cobblestone pavement. The road winds up the first three mils partly through forest, partly through alpine meadows, following several serpentines.Hotel Klausenpass summit

Shortly after that section, you reach the Urnerboden plateau. Wedged between the Ortstock mountain (2.717m/8,914ft), Chamerstock mountain (2.124m/6,969ft) and Gemsfairenstock mountain (2.972m/9,751ft), the road  runs along the valley floor always flat on the same level. Left and right of  the road willows are lined up and the view extends far up to the mountain tops.

The road pavement lets the bike dance and after approx. 5mls - above the tree line - the road enters into the next climb. The pavement becomes noticeably better and serpentine by serpentine the road now pulls up in front of a beautiful mountain panorama way up the pass summit.

The pass summit itself offers a gift shop, a snack bar and a public toilet that was on my last visit (May 2012) spotlessly clean and well equipped. Half a mile after the pass in the direction of Uri you then will find the Hotel Klausenpasshoehe. The hostel offers a good selection of meals for moderate prices. If you have started off your trip in the morning somewhere in Southern Black Forest, Then you’ll reach the Klausenpasshoehe just around lunch time. From here you’ll enjoy a magnificent view down into the Schaechen valley.Wilhelm Tell

After a sumptuous lunch we follow again the pass road, still with in very good conditions, along the right side of the Schaechentaler - Windgaellen (2.764m / 9,068ft) down to Buerglen. We pass several small villages until we reach Buerglen.

You may miss him when you rush around the corner in Buerglen. Correct, Wilhelm Tell in full size. In that corner you surround the Tell museum.

So the next time, take the time to say hello to this great hero for justice and freedom, at least with a biker hand wave a nice Swiss "Gruetzi ". The statue of Tell is by the way located when you come down from the pass, left of the curve opposite of the Tell Museum.

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