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February 20th 2013





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Picture Collection Furka Bahnverlad


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Oberwald, a small village on the west side of the Grimsel and Furka Pass in the Valais tangent, or better said Goms. Here you’ll find the more spacious loading bay of the Furka roll-on, roll-off Alp tranist train. We look towards the east, directly towards the Furka mountain and the Alp transit train just rolling in. The picture was taken in May 2005 after we had escaped a snowstorm on the Grimsel pass, and had decided to pass under the Furka.

N 46°31´53”  E 008°20´35”




Furka transit West side

Worthy to look more in details to that picture is Moritz, who had his motorbike boots completely flooded due to the continuous rain on the north side of the Grimsel and the snowstorm. He's here in his socks standing beside his Honda FMX650.

N 46°31´53”  E 008°20´35”




in the wagon during transit

The underpass through the Furka tunnel is then done in a converted baggage wagon, which usually has space enough for 6 motorbikes. Alternatively, however, a max of 4 Goldwings. Payment is made directly in the station, before the departure of the train. Just park you bike to the side and buy the tickets in the station building. A friendly staff member then guides you into the wagon. So you first ride onto a low side wagon, and then through a folded door into the closed cargo wagon.

N 46°31´53”  E 008°20´35”




Furka transit east side Realp

Eastern flank of the Furka Pass. Here you see the roll-on, roll-off station of the Furka Alp transit train. On this side of the mountain, a friendly employee of the train company does sell tickets at the ramp. At least, that was the case in the so-called off-season. The pass was open and only a few travelers had take the faster Alp transit car train.

N 46°35´52”  E 008°30´10”


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