February 12th 2013




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Bicycle Speedometers on motorbikes

Special set that helps Long time ago we have started to install some useful special installations to our motorbikes that helped a little bit to make the long travels in the Alps more comfortable. We simply don’t belong to the type of long distance motorbike travellers that travel around the world on a hard enduro, fully equipped with tripmaster, satellite phone and metal top case. We just travel about four times a year through Europe, mostly the Alps and produce a maximum of 3.000 mls during one trip.

In the times where GPS receiver did cost a fortune, navigation system did not survive on a motorbike one rain ride, we used bicycle speedometers to gain more information on our tours than the original built in speedometer supplied. Besides the trip information you have a watch, maximum speed, average speed, real drive time etc. These speedometers are low cost, easy to install and we still use them today, since the GPS systems in the Alps don’t work too good in deep canyons or in the passes lower section, as these are normally covered with wood. We use the BC700 from Sigma, but you may also use other brands. Just take care that they can handle the speed you can go. Ask the dealer. There are not too many on the market.

We coordinate our day tours and the tour brakes based on the average speed of these speedometers. An average speed of 46km/h / 29mls is absolutely normal when you cruise the Alps. And remember - there is a general speed limit of 80km/h / 50mls in Switzerland outside of villages and if you exceed that, the fines you have to pay are just sky high. Eleven km/h faster as allowed inside a village 250,-SFR. Everything above that will be handled as a crime.

The installation of the bicycle speedometer on the motorbike is relatively easy. The kit comes with an installation mount for the handle bar, a rubber ring for snap on, a magnet for the spoke and if you have purchased the unit at a motorbike dealer, there will be a magnet for the brake disc in the kit. Below you see the installation on my Honda Varadero.

Sigma Sport Targa

Installed on a Honda Varadero

magnet installed on brake disc

The small Sigma Sport Targa delivers all required data up to a max. speed of 320km/h / 200mls/h. This installation on the photo was made on the handle bar of my motorbike with the mount and rubber ring supply with the kit.

I have made a small metal piece that then was screwed at the lower end of my fork suspension by using the screws of the front axle. A cable tie holds the Reed relais in place that receives the pulses from the magnet installed at the break disc.

The magnet itself is installed with superglue on the brake disc and secured with a cable tie.


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