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February 12th 2013




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Mc Coi lubrication system

Mc Coi controllerWhat is a McCoi?

The McCoi (microcontrolled chainoiler) is an automatic chain lubrication system, that operates on the Schwaboiler principles and can be used on motorbikes and other vehicles that are chain driven.

The distance is counted on the same principle as in the Schwaboiler based on a reed relay that does produce pulses which then are processed in a microcontroller and delivers after a certain amount of distance the motorbike has driven a certain and programmable amount of chain oil.

A major difference is the rain sensor option. This option allows an automatic oil supply increase in case of rain.

The pump used is designed that way that oils with different viscosity can be used and ensures always the same amount of oil supply.

The power consumption of that unit in standby is so low, that it can be connected directly to the battery.

(c) McCoi

Developer of that device is MDvP. This system was improved a lot over the last years and the users community has just exploded.

Important to know:
"the electronic design and software programs for the McCoi are only free for private use and can be published with the copyright label of the owner. Any commercial use in any way requires the approval of the owner.

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