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February 12th 2013




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Motorbike Grip Heating System Installations

Installation on a Varadero SD01


Varadero zoomed in

This picture shows an installation of our grip heating system in a Honda Varadero SD01. We used the left plastic panel. In addition to the regulator knob, we have installed an ON/OFF switch and a red LED. Usually this is not required, since the grip control is permanently off in the most left position, but it looks better in the cockpit.


The same picture and motorbike as described on the left picture but zoomed in. The LED is a standard red LED where we used a resistor of 470 Ohm in row. Ensure that the switch can handle humidity and/or direct water access. Otherwise it will stop operation after several months, since the power he has to swith ON/OFF is too low.




installation on a Kawasaki KLE500


KLE500 zoomed in

Here you see the installation on a Kawasaki KLE500. Heidi, my wife wanted a chrome LED ring and a chrome switch, which I did install. Nevertheless, it does look good and I have learned over the last years, that mainly women have cold hands and enjoy our heating regultaor most.


The same bike KLE500 as described on the photo on the left hand side but zoomed in.




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