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February 12th 2013




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Technical add-ons for motorbike touring

Always warm hands with the regulated grip heat control

Digital gear display on the motorbike

adjustable grip heatingIf you are fed up with the two level grip switch control on your motorbike, because either your fingers are grilled or not getting warm, then you should check out this solution. Without big investment of installation work, you can change your existing grip heating on your motorbike to an adjustable one for less than you think. This control unit does work also for heatable socks, jackets, seats, shoes with a maximum power consumption of 60 watts.

digital gear displayAn interesting project for users that can handle soldering irons and can read circuit diagrams. I like the BMWs, especially the digital gear display, since this is a very useful device on the motorbike. We publish electronic circuit diagrams, installation description and photos of existing installations of this useful device. You should not be a newcommer in electronics if you launch that project for your bike.

Possiís fuel meter installed at a Honda Varadero

 The Vehlow solution, a new digital gear display concept

sensor housing of fuel meterThe well known globetrotter Possi has designed a fuel meter for long distance travelers that go on a ride around the globe. It can be easily installed on nearly any motorbike and helps to decide when to look for a gas station, especially when you have installed alternative long distance fuel tanks.

Vehlow digital gear displayWolfgang Vehlow is not a friend of the old TTL technology and has therefore designed a much better solution based on our digital display project. If you are not an electronic expert, he even supplies that useful gear display ready to go, built to install on nearly any bike. Thatís a great offering for bikers that donít have tin-solder in their blood.

GPS Systems installed on a motorbike

Why a bicycle speedometer is most accurate on motorbikes

Garmin eTrex and Honda VaraderoGPS - receivers on a touring bike do make a lot of sense. We show various solutions and installations that are not too expensive. So you wonít find navigations systems but GPS solutions based on receivers with basic mapping functions for motorbike touring in the middle price segment. We use the Garmiin GPS12 and the eTrex Legend.

SIgma bicycle speedometer on the motorbikeThat a speedometer on the motorbike is not accurate and always shows higher speeds that you actually ride, is no secret.100 mph is in reality 92 mph. There are bicycle speedometers on the market that have a speed limit of 200 mph and can be installed easily on a motorbike. You just need to program in the device the perimeter of your wheel and off you go. That system can be installed on any bike with any type of wheel. Then you know the real speed you go.

ELV gear display kit, ready to go

McCoi - automated electronic chain lubrication kit

ELV gear displayIf you donít want to unpack your soldering iron, or you just want to use and not to build a geard display, then the ELV unit is the right solution. The kit comes 90% ready to go in SMD technology and is based on our original 2001 design. ELV delivers fast an inexpensive and the kit has some more features than we had built into our unit. A very good design and an excellent quality for below 20,- Euro.

McCoi controllerBased on our 1999 Schwaboiler design, the McCoi is the enhanced version with some more features. In the meanwhile there has grown up a community around that chain oiler system and the SHAREWARE project spread all over the planet with lots of users. In the meanwhile the system has reached an absolute outstanding quality and reliability based on the input of the crowd of users out there.

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